What are the Features of Z170 Motherboard?

What are the Features of Z170 Motherboard?

Most of the people tend to consider the graphics cards when they plan on buying a gaming PC. However, they forget one of the significant aspects of a gaming PC and that is the motherboard. The motherboard is the most crucial aspect of a gaming PC since it houses the computer’s important components like the CPU, graphics card, etc. We are talking about  Best Z170 Motherboard here which is by far one of the most popular motherboards suitable for gamers.

Let’s take a look at the various features of this motherboard.

5-Way Optimization

The Best Z170 Motherboard has a unique combo of advanced fan controls, automated over-locking, per-app performance and digital power profiles which helps in optimizing almost every aspect of this Z170 motherboard.

Pro Clock

This dedicated base clock generator has been designed with a sixth generation Intel. The processors of this motherboard provide an overclocked base frequency of 400MHz, which is substantial.

Water Pump Header

It is designed with a custom self-contained water cooling system. It has a fan header for connecting to the water cooling system. It requires about 1A power for PWM controlled pumps, as well as DC pumps.

Dual PCle M.2 x4

One of the most interesting features, The Hyper M.2 x4 of the motherboard is capable of supporting a complete range of M.2 lengths and that, too, up to 22110. It offers you the flexibility for the installation of the M.2 drives far away from the heat-generating sources.

USB 3.1

It has both Type A and C USB 3.1 port. The Z170 deluxe can also handle the USB 3.1 devices and all the upcoming devices.

Crystal Sound, Turbo LAN, and Intel Ethernet

The motherboard has the best pairing of integrated audio along with a low-latency networking in the software, as well as on the hardware. It offers an uninterrupted gaming experience to someone who is upping their opponents.

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