E-Liquid Flavor Classifications to make it Easier

E-Liquid Flavor Classifications to make it Easier

Cigarettes are generally limited to just a few flavors and there is a gaping lack of choices and variations. This is in stark contrast to e-liquids where you can’t get enough of flavors to experiment with. Given below are some broad categories in which choosing best eliquid flavors can be divided:

Fruit-flavored E-Juice

This is probably the most loved category for many people. Initially, fruit flavors were some of the most common e juice flavors. These were straightforward like apples, oranges, or strawberry and were rich of flavor. Most first-time vapers start off with these simple and delicious flavors that never lose their classic charm. However, nowadays, e-liquid manufacturers have made complex flavors like apple and cinnamon or raspberry and mint available.

Dessert-flavored E-Juice

Who doesn’t like desserts? Dessert-flavored e-liquids are one of the favorites globally owing to the delicious flavors in this category. Whether your favorite dessert is apple pie or strawberry cheesecake, you get an e-liquid of the said flavor. The best thing about dessert-flavored e-liquids is that you can taste your favorite treats every day without putting on weight! Harmful effect of Ganga River pollution

Food-flavored E-Juice

Several foods have been reimagined as e-juice flavors and have become a favorite of many people. You can choose anything from bacon to chocolate waffles. This category still has a lot of potential that hasn’t been experimented with. However, the concept of being able to taste honey glazed smoked ribs in your vape juice is enough to make people interested in this category.

Another popular vaping flavor category is tobacco. This is liked by people who just love how it smells when a new packet of cigarette is opened or when a fresh cigarette is burned and a woody, smoky flavor is exuded. Hopefully, this guide will help you in how to choose best e liquid flavor.